Thank you for your interest in participating as art seller on our platform. Creative United Artist Store allows artist to sell their artworks on products such as art prints, canvas prints, throw pillows, tote bags and many more.

Step 1: Register as Creative United Artist

1. You have to become a Creative United artist to start upload your artwork. Click the ' Join Us' button at the top right of the page and choose 'Sell Your Artwork' to register. Fill in the form and click the 'Sign Me Up' button to proceed. You can now create your first art on canvas prints, framed prints, posters, tote bags, mugs and more cool products.

You are required to use a PC browser to upload your artwork & managing products. Please take note that your products will only viewable and sell to public after your account has been approved by CU Integrity Team. Only you can purchase your products prior to approval.

2. You are now signed-in to Rapid Product Creation System, where you can manage your own artworks and products to sell. A new artwork management menu section will appear in the user's menu.

3. If you sign up with Facebook or already registered as a Buyer and wish to sell your arts, click here to request for Artist Seller membership. Click the red button "Be Our Artist. Apply Now" and a pop up window will appear. Fill in the form and click 'Send Request'.


Step 2: Artwork Preparation

Pre-requisite: a simple digital imaging skill is required. 

You need to use a PC browser to manage your products and artworks.

i) Prepare Simple Writeup

1. Title of artwork
2. Description - explain your artwork

ii) Artwork Specifications

Choose products you wish to sell using your artwork. Each product requires specific dimension. You are not required to use Adobe Photoshop to edit your artwork. You can also use online image editor like, and to prepare your artwork according to the sizes required for each product. 

Artwork format Portrait Landscape Square
Dimension artwork for cover image (required) less than
800px height
less than
800px width
less than
800 X 800px
Dimension artwork for art print & decor art print
( Download PSD template here )
6000px height
6000px width
5000(W) X 5000(H) px
Dimension artwork for canvas & decor canvas
( Download PSD template here )
4250(W) X 6000(H) px 6000(W) X 4250(H) px 5000(W) X 5000(H) px
Dimension artwork for poster
( Download PSD template here )
4250(W) X 6000(H) px 6000(W) X 4250(H) px 5000(W) X 5000(H) px
Dimension for tote bag
( Download PSD template here )
- - 3500 X 3500px
Bottom area will be folded to form the base. Avoid text/signature. (+-500px)
Dimension for pillow
( Download PSD template here )
- - 3500(W) X 3500(H) px
Dimension for sling bag 
( Download PSD template here )
3000(W) X 4000(H) px 4000(W) X 3000(H) px -
Dimension for pouch bag
( Download PSD template here )
- 4000(W) X 3000(H) px
Bottom area will be folded to form the base. Avoid text/signature. (+-200px)
Dimension for mug
( Download PSD template here )
- 4600(W) X 2000(H) px -
Dimension for pencil case 
( Download PSD template here )
- 2250(W) X 1375(H) px
Dimension for drawstring 
( Download PSD template here )
3000(W) X 4000(H) px - -
Dimension for t-shirt 
( Download PSD template here )
3000(W) X 4000(H) px
Export as PNG Transparent
- -
Please save your artwork using 100% Maximum Quality JPEG. Only JPG format file is accepted for all products except T-Shirt. For T-Shirt please upload Transparent PNG file format. 
e.g Throw pillow 3500 x 3500 pixel @72dpi. Measurement is in pixel.

* For Portrait & Landscape format; if you want to prepare a single file that can be uploaded for art print, canvas print and poster, please use dimension 6000 X 4250px(landscape) or 4250 X 6000px(portrait).
* Pillow and tote bag can use the same artwork file: 3500 X 3500px
* Sling bag and pouch bag can use the same artwork file: 4000 X 3000px(landscape) or 3000 X 4000px(portrait).

Step 3: Upload Process

Click User's Menu > Add New Artwork:

  1. Insert Title & Description
  2. Upload Cover image
  3. Tick the product(s) you wish to sell your artwork and upload the file according to the product requirement. You can tick more than one product using the same artwork.
  4. The system will auto generate the product thumbnail using your uploaded artwork file.

  5. Product: Art Print Section: Upload artwork for art print. Set your profit.
  6. Product: Canvas Section: Upload artwork for canvas. Set your profit.
  7. Upload artwork for product Decor Art Print, Decor Canvas Print, Poster, Pillow, Totebag, Sling Bag, Mug, Drawstring, Pouch Bag & T-Shirt. When one of your prints or other products is purchased, it gets produced, packed and shipped while you get paid. You will earn 20%-30% royalty for each product. Refer to the royalty table below for detail.
  8. Set artwork Category
  9. Set Privacy Option
  10. Press Save Artwork button.
  11. You're set. Artwork is now up for sale!
  12. Check your earnings regularly at Artist's My Earning page! Don't forget to update your bank's account number. You will receive an email notification for every successful purchases by customers.

The minimum earnings to be processed is RM30.00. Your payout will be released at the end of every month. If your account balance has not reached the minimum payout balance, your balance will carry forward until the next pay cycle when the minimum payout balance is reached. If you wish to request for early royalty payout, kindly email us at

Your earning varies per product type. Enjoy royalty rewards up to 20% - 30%. For art print and canvas print, you set your own profit.
Product Type Your Profit
Art Print Determined by You
Canvas Print Determined by You
Pillow + Insert Determined by You (Default 20%)
16" : RM13.00
18" : RM15.00
20" : RM19.00
Tote Bag Determined by You (Default 20%)
RM8.00 (Non-Zippered)
RM9.00 (Zippered)
RM13.00 (Sling & Zippered)
Decor Art Print Determined by You (Default 20%)
XS (21 X 30cm) : RM8.00
S (30 X 40cm) : RM14.00
M (40 X 50cm) : RM19.00
L (50 X 70cm) : RM29.00
XL (70 X 100cm) : RM53.60
XS-SQ (23cm X 23cm) : RM6.00
XL-SQ (50cm X 50cm) : RM22.00
Decor Canvas Print Determined by You (Default 20%)
A4 : RM11.00
A3 : RM19.00
A2 : RM29.00
A1 : RM49.00
A0 : RM85.00
XL-SQ (24") : RM39.00
XS-SQ (12") : RM15.00
Poster Determined by You (Default 20%)
A0 : RM24.00
A1 : RM16.00
A2 : RM11.00
XL-SQ : RM16.00
L-SQ : RM11.00
Sling Bag Determined by You (Default 20%)
Small : RM8.00
Medium : RM9.00
Pouch Bag Determined by You (Default 20%)
Premium : RM7.00
Mug Determined by You (Default 20%)
11oz : RM5.00
Pencil Case Determined by You (Default 20%)
Value : RM5.00
Premium : RM7.00
Drawstring Bag Determined by You (Default 20%)
Small : RM7.00
Large : RM8.00
T-Shirt Determined by You (Default 20%)
All Sizes : RM13.80
Mouse Pad Determined by You (Default 20%)
18 x 21cm : RM5.00

If you need to edit your artwork or modify your profit: Go to User Menu > Manage artwork.

Click on the 'Edit' (pencil icon) artwork icon. 

Navigate to area you want to make changes and then don’t forget to save artwork again.

As simple as that. Now your art is up for sale!

Step 4: Promote It to Your Fans, Clients, Friends and the World

Announce your art store to the world:

Save the product mockups and promote your new art & products via Facebook, Instagram etc.

Learn more about our products here.

How to sell my products and earn money?

There are two ways to sell your products and earn money:

  • Customer purchases your products at Creative United.

    • Promote your products and direct customer to purchase at your shop. You'll earned 20% royalty from the sales. All earnings are recorded at the 'My Earning' page.
    • Royalty will be paid to your preferred bank accounts(local) or Paypal after 14 days and at the end of each month. The minimum earnings to be processed is RM30.00.
  • Sell directly to customer and collect payment.

    • There are many ecommerce and social platforms for you to promote and sell your products directly to customer and start collecting orders. With the upfront payment paid by customer to you, place the order using your artist account to get special artist's price. (without royalty).
    • Just fill in the customer shipping details when checkout. Done, and instant profit in hand.
    • You can sell and set your own pricing structure for all CU products by making your products private. Only you can purchase your product at artist's price. We don't include any shipping notes or invoices in your parcels.